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- Our history -


The Rustica Borműhely started operating as a family artisan winery in 2020. Our cellar is located in downtown Szentendre, and we cultivate our grapes in Pilisborosjenő and Üröm. Currently close to 3 hectars cultivated by us, 6 varieties, these are: Chardonnay, Ezerfürtű, Olivér Irsai, Kékfrankos, Zweigelt and Merlot. The surface clayey-calcareous soil gives the opportunity to make excellent, substantial wines with a good acid structure.

The name of our winery was inspired by the city's earliest memory of viticulture, the memories of which are preserved in the Szentendre Skanzen: among the ruins of the Villa Rustica (the house of the demobilized Roman soldier) excavated in the area of the Open-Air Ethnography Museum, a large amount of charred wine remains, roasted grape seeds and two almost intact grape pruning knives and numerous a fragment of a viticulture tool was found.

Currently, people do not associate Szentendre with wine, and few people know that Szentendre dates back to the 19th century. In the 19th century, it belonged to one of the country's largest wine regions. It was once famous for its sweet red aszú wine, which was known as "Szentendre red" in Europe. In the area of Szentendre, the Romans already lived in the II.-IV. In the 19th century, grapes were grown, as evidenced by the findings of the aforementioned Villa Rustica.

Our goal is to put Szentendre back on Hungary's wine map.

We think of grapes and their cultivation with love, we believe that the making of good wine begins in the grapes.

Our motto: by hands, feet...with soul...


"Today I drink wine, tomorrow I won't." 

 -   Serb Antal  -

"Life is like a bottle of intoxicating wine. Some people are content to read the label on the bottle. Others taste what's in the bottle."

-  Anthony de Mello -

"A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world."

-  Louis Pasteur  -

"He who knows how to taste does not drink the wine, but discovers the secrets of its taste."

-  Salvador Dalí  -

* * * 
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