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Wine tastings


Classic wine tasting

5-item wine tasting with cellar visit and wine skate

Cool off with us, let's meet in our wine cellar in downtown Szentendre, where we make the wine!


We sit down at a table and talk about the wines, then walk around the nearly 100-meter-long cellar.

We will tell you what challenges we faced with each wine, and what the difference is if the same wine is matured in light, medium or strong roasting barrels.

The length of the program is approx. 2 hours, in the basement there is 12-14 degree, it's worth bringing warmer clothes.

We offer cold dishes (bread, sausage, cheese, peppers) to accompany the wines, but if you indicate your other eating habits in advance, we will prepare accordingly.

 We don't have a hostess, you will meet the winemaker, the questions can rain!

The price of the program is 9.500 HUF / person.

Please indicate your intention to participate by filling out the form below or by emailing

We look forward to seeing you!


Rustica Winery

2000 Szentendre, Gőzhajó u. 2.

Phone: +36 30 323 3000

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